Make Money By Working For Other Bloggers

One question many individuals asked me is, How to make money by working for other bloggers? Is that even have any potential?

If you’re a new blogger attempting to make full time earnings from blogging, you know how tough the struggle could be in the initial stage to generate a good income from blogging. In reality, this is one primary reason why there are so many drop outs and burn outs in the blogging career.

What if there were methods new bloggers could sustain themselves financially and develop their blogging associated skills at the same time?

Wouldn’t that be simply fantastic?

I do not know your actual situation. Maybe you’re a new blogger yourself or possibly you’ve got had a blog previously. Maybe you’re in search of a simple method to put those skills to good use and make some money from them.

So, can you really make a lot of money working for other bloggers? You will find an answer to this question in this article on “Make Money By Working For Other Bloggers”.

In my opinion, it’s not tough to do and one of the best part is, it is extremely scalable. It also helps to hone your expertise and that can be invaluable if you wish to use blogging as a long term source of income.

How to work for other bloggers and make money?

So, now let me show you the way to generate income by working for other bloggers.

If you are a new blogger, working for other bloggers is definitely an effective way to bridge the earnings and knowledge gap between the current you and the future full time blogger you.

You will probably be surprised at how you can use the skills that you have to make some additional money.

Importance Of High Quality Content:

By now, I’m sure you know how essential nice content is to your success as a blogger. Every blogger has a gradual, continuous need for top quality content that they can use on their blogs or perhaps on their social media accounts regularly. There is always an excessive demand for engaging, effectively researched content.

If you have been blogging for a while, you’re most likely already aware of the vital aspects of blogging such as content quality, search engine optimization and keywords. This knowledge of what it takes to make an ideal blog post provides you a clear advantage and your skills are going to in high demand in the blogging community.

You might not really want to write complete blog posts to start earning money. There are other partial aspects of content creation which are simply as much in demand as writing blog posts.

You could, for instance earn money selling post templates or article starters essentially a shorter post that blog owners can use to create their very own blog posts by filling out details. You could also generate income filling out a pre written outline by doing a little research online. Then there are jobs out there for writing product descriptions or product reviews for other bloggers.

If you are good at writing, you possibly can make a good amount of money by providing even more premium services such as writing or editing e-books or creating freebie content for bloggers to give away with the intention to get individuals to opt in into their newsletter list.

Create Digital Products:

Another way to generate income is by helping other bloggers create digital products like eBooks or training programs. Digital products are things that can demand a great premium price.

Social Media Manager:

If you know Pinterest well and also good at creating images. You possibly can make a very good living as a Pinterest virtual assistant. Apart from creating images, you will also need to carry out different Pinterest tasks like optimizing everything, pinning to your clients’ profiles, and driving visitors to their blog posts.

You also can take it to the next level by providing social media management services. Apart from Pinterest, there are numerous other popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on. A skilled social media manager is always in great demand.

As a social media manager, you have to help get more followers and grow the community. You will even have to handle inboxes and reply to comments instantly. May also have to create images in order to promote your clients’ latest blog posts or revive some previous content.

You may also help run social advertising campaigns. In all, you can simply make a good amount of money as a skilled social media manager.

Content Strategies:

You may also offer your service as a content strategist. This is where you assist your clients in researching keywords. You also assist in uncovering a few of the content gaps that they might have on their blogs. You also can assist them brainstorm new content ideas for their blogs. In some cases, it may also involve going through a few of their current content to assist optimize it for search engine optimization and monetization.

Email Newsletter Managers:

Another big demand that we see right now is for email newsletter managers. While social media is awesome for content promotion, there are risks associated with relying too much on a few platforms. We have seen many social media platforms shutting down almost overnight. This brings us to one thing that all of us must be focusing on building our e-mail lists.

It is important for bloggers to always be working on growing their lists by adding more and more subscribers onto their list.

If you’ve got some expertise in building e-mail lists and managing newsletters, you possibly can offer your services as a newsletter manager.

As an e-mail newsletter manager, you could have to do all the things from establishing their lead capture funnel, creating opt-in freebies, building their list and to actually writing content and sending out the newsletters.


If you know WordPress nicely and how blogs work, you could be a blog manager. Usually this work entails this like updating WordPress plug-ins, tweaking and optimizing blog themes, backing up your clients’ websites. It may also involve uploading and scheduling blog posts, resolving technical issues, managing website security, approving comments, or even taking care of any spam comments that hit the site.

As you can see, there is great opportunity for individuals to generate income not only as a blogger, but also taking up numerous jobs helping other bloggers.

I would suggest you to read the article on “A Guide To Make Money On Fiverr“. I’ve shared some important tips in that post on how to make good money by working on Fiverr.

I will be happy to know if you like this post on “Make Money By Working For Other Bloggers“. Please comment and let me know your thoughts on it.

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