Start A Blog In 2020! [A Complete Guide For Beginners]​

Starting a blog for the first time is an amazing and fun experience. You know that people are actually going to read and share it with others. It’s one of the best feeling in the world.

start a blog

Before we dig into the details of starting a blog, I just want to let you know that starting your own blog is the simplest thing you can do now. You only need consistency and dedication to grow big in this field.

Honestly, if you are hoping to get overnight success in this field than that’s not true. You need to be consistent if you want to see results. Hard work is the most important key to success.

There are many great benefits if you start your blog and grow it. In my opinion, it is one of the best way to express yourself to the world. You can also gain a huge fan list and followers. Most importantly, you can earn a good amount of money by doing Affiliate Marketing and Running Ads on your website.

Blogging is a career and we all know that a career means making serious money. Full time and professional’s bloggers are making huge amount of money online. In my opinion, the best way to make money online is to start your own website/ blog. This way you can generate good revenue online and you will be recognized by people.

Do you want to learn how to earn online and start your website?

If Yes, then lets dive into it,

Let me first share the technical side of things with you. Starting your own blog is actually straightforward and pretty simple. I have mentioned below the list of essentials to start a blog in 2020:

Now let’s elaborate the above mentioned points in detail:

Choose A Niche For Your Blog:

Starting a blog is a really fun process. It’s very important that you pick a topic for your blog that you also like to learn and talk about. Most people give up blogging after a couple of months because they often lose interest in it. You don’t have to be an expert on this topic. It just has to be a topic that gets you excited when talking about it. I would suggest you to take a pen and paper. Write down 10 topics or post ideas that you can write about. This will help you to choose the right niche or topic for your blog.

The next step is to make sure that there’s a profitable and big enough market for your topic. If you’re planning on earning money from your blog, then you should make sure that your niche is profitable enough to monetize your blog and help you earn a good income.

Search For A Blog Domain Name:

One of the most crucial step on your blogging journey is to decide the perfect niche for your blog, then you need to pick the perfect domain.

In simple terms, a domain name is basically your website name. Purchasing a domain name is the first step in creating an online presence. Picking your domain is like choosing your life partner.

Some of the most famous social networking websites are Facebook and Instagram. Your domain name needs to be perfect and available. It’s a big decision that’s not easy to change, so take the time now to choose wisely.

Choose A Hosting Account:

In layman terms, hosting is the home of your website. A web hosting is a place where your all files are stored and show your website live when someone tries to access it. There are many web hosting service provider in the market.

It is very important to choose the right web hosting service provider for your blog. I would recommend you to go for SiteGround. For beginners, it is one of the best web hosting service provider. It is also very cost effective.

I found SiteGround to be noticeably faster and extremely reliable. Their hosting plans are flexible, and their customer support is one of the best in the industry. As a matter of fact, I like them so much so that this website, is actually hosted with SiteGround!

It is not only my opinion, there’s a big web hosting related group on Facebook, and every year there’s a poll where people can vote for the best web hosting companies; SiteGround is number one every year.

Siteground Facebook Pole Image

Install WordPress:

Installing WordPress is not like rocket science. It is as simple as installing any other software on your computer. I will show you how simple it is to install WordPress on your SiteGround hosting account.

Install WordPress Image

SiteGround has created an in-house solution, called the Account Setup Wizard which will walk you through the process of setting up your new website. The Wizard will automatically appear as a pop-up window right after your first login in the User Area. If you still do not have a website, you can choose to start it straight from the Wizard.

SIteground Setp Up Wizard Image

You will see several application options on this set up page. The most popular option for starting a new website is WordPress. Even, I have used WordPress to set up this website.

Once you select the WordPress software option than you will have to create the WP login details. You need to make a note of the credentials as this will be required to log into WP and create your beautiful website.

WordPress Account Creation Login Image
Once you are done entering the email, username and password than you need to tick on the policy checkbox and than click on the “Complete Setup” button.
SiteGround Complete Set Up Button Image

It will take few moments to complete your WordPress website setup.

Once done, you will get a message that your account is ready to use. Click on the “Proceed to Customer Area” button.

SiteGround Hosting Account Ready Image

Important Tip:  You will receive a verification email once your SiteGround account set up is completed. It is very important to verify your email, otherwise your website will not be live after a few weeks.

Siteground Verification Required Email Image

Next, you need to click on “My Account” tab on the menu and click on the “Installation” option.

SiteGround My Account Tab And Insllation Image

Now, you will see “Go To Admin Panel” button, click on it.

This will redirect you to your WordPress dashboard. Here you need to enter your login details which you have created during the installation and simply click on the login button.

Wordpress Login Page Image

That’s it. You have successfully setup your first WordPress website. Make sure to bookmark the URL as you will need to login and create your website on WP. It will look something like this

Pick A Theme:

A theme refers to the general look and feel of a website user interface. Selecting a good theme is one of the most crucial part.

In order for the website to be effective and garner maximum benefit it needs to be attractive, easy for the visitor to use and free of technical problems. If your website has a poor design than you may lose a lot of traffic and audience.

Getting the theme right is important; your website may contain exceptional content, but unless it is attractive and holds your visitors’ interests those efforts will come to nothing.

There are end of number of free themes in the WordPress inventory. But, I would suggest you to design your own theme with the help of a theme builder. The free themes can also be hacked easily and this way you will lose all your website data.

Also, if you are ready to spend a little more than I would suggest you to buy the paid themes and plugins. That will bring credibility to your website’s look. Trust me, you will not regret this decision. It will be the best investment on your blogging journey.

I personally use Astra theme. It is the lightest theme (under 50KB) and loads your website fast. I also liked the design of this theme and many pro bloggers are using it because it’s easy to design. Mentioned below are some of the other popular WP themes:

It is important to keep in mind few things before choosing any WP theme. I have listed below few for your reference:

WordPress Plugins:

Basically, the WordPress plugins are apps that allow you to add some extra features and functionality to your website. Exactly the same way as apps do for your smartphone.

Plugins plays a vital role in the WordPress ecosystem. Installing the right set of plugins is one of the most important step in creating a website.

WordPress comes with few pre-installed plugins. I would suggest you uninstall all the pre-installed plugins in WordPress than install the necessary plugins. I have listed below some of the popular list of plugins:

Elementor Or Thrive Architect:

These are page builder plugins. With the help of these plugins you can create beautiful designs for your website.These plugins are lightweight as well. Millions are using these plugins to create stunning website designs. I personally use Elementor pro for my website.

iThemes Security:

It is very imporant to keep your website safe and secure. The moment you set up your WordPress account you should make it secure by installing this plugins. It will keep your blog safe and will keep hackers away from your blog.

WP Rocket:

This plugin will optimize and increase the speed of your website. A fast and and responsive website is always a good sign.

Bloggers nowadays use a lot of images to make their articles informative and easy to understand. This plugin optimize your images which helps your website to load much faster.

Rank Mathe SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to rank your website on Google. This plugin helps to drive traffic to your website. This has become a favorite plugin for all bloggers now.

Fine Tune The Blog Settings And Customise Your Site:

If you have reached to this stage than you’ve already made good progress. Your website front page (main/ home page) is the first thing most visitors will see when they land on your website.

Your website homepage should showcase what your site is all about. There are several benefits of adding a custom home page to your website. It will give your website a greater visual appeal and the ability to convey relevant information to visitors right away. Fortunately, WordPress is flexible enough to enable you to customize your main page in almost any way you need.

Write And Publish Your First Blog Post:

Introduce yourself with a short introductory paragraph. It will give your readers an idea of what they can expect.
A good way to enter into the blog writing zone is by reading other blogs. It will help you to find out what content is already out there. That way, you can work refining a new angle that makes your blog original and worth reading.

Choosing a topic for your blog is vital. I suggest you to do some keyword research around your niche and by searching you will find many great keywords that are easy to rank.

The blog title should be simple and should attract reader’s attention. It is the first part of your blog post that your readers will see and the part that’s responsible for getting them to click through and read the rest of your post.

It is a habit of all pro bloggers to add images in the post. This will give more exposure to the readers as blocks of text can be overwhelming and tiring for readers.

Always use words like “I” and “You” in the blog. This way you will connect with your readers.


Never use copyright images from google. It is better use copyright-free images from google or download high quality free images from, or

Every writer must internalize one golden rule of blogging which is “Proofreading”. I would suggest to edit and proofread carefully, if necessary do it more than once. This way you can make sure that your content is free from typos and embarrassing grammar errors.

That’s it!  This is all I wanted to share with you in this post. Go slow and be patience because first impression is the last impression. Start a blog and let me know in the comment section below if you like this post!

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