Blog Not Making Money? The Real Reason Behind It.

Is Your Blog Not Making Money? If Yes, then I will try to explain you the real reason behind it in this article.

It could be really upsetting and frustrating for anyone if the blog is not making money. I have seen many bloggers giving up within few months just because they are unable to earn enough money from their blog.

The Truth

Many folks ask me Why is the blog not making money or How long does it take to make money online from a blog?

The truth is, it takes time to earn money online. I want to be completely honest with you about how long it takes to generate income online with your blog. If you are in search of a business where it is possible for you to to make some quick money within the next few months this might not be the business for you.

You need to understand that the principles and work ethic for making cash online is no different from working offline. You must know that this business is not a get rich quick one therefore it takes time to generate income online.

Break The Illusion

I will explain to you why earning money online takes a lot of time before you start making some money. I think some individuals are under the impression that you can start a blog and within a couple of months, you will be able to quit your full time job. It has happen in just a few instances, however for this to happen you have to be prepared to put in extra work and stay focus.

Just to tell you that when I started blogging I was of the illusion that I could work two hours per day and at the end of the month cash would come rolling in abundantly. Well face it that was what I was told. Almost all the bloggers made it felt like a Sunday evening stroll in the park. They failed to inform me that you can in fact work two hours per day and the cash would come rolling. However, I had to put in the initial work (sometimes 6-8 hours per day) to get the site off the ground. After you have established your blog and you start getting site visitors then you can start relaxing a bit and reap the fruits of your labour.

It Takes Time To Make Money Online

One of the prerequisite is patience and a lot of time. You won’t become a millionaire in a single day. So if you go to another website where they promise to make you rich within the next year believe me that is a load of crap. You need to understand that earning money online takes time. You need to work for months and sometimes years, depending on how committed you are, before the cash starts coming in.

Here are some reasons why making cash online takes time:

The Right Formula

No blogger or internet marketer has the “right formula” to generate income on internet. There are some fundamentals and basic principles that you need to follow if you wish to be successful. However, every blogger has their very own way of applying these principles.

There are lots of trials and errors that’s the reason you have to be committed to the work. One formula may work for me and it doesn’t work for you. I think it is like parenting, every parent have their very own style but the end result could be well disciplined and productive adults. It is the same way with your blog, you need to learn the principles and apply the one which works best for you.

Anyway you do not have to feel discouraged. I have been there, I will work with you sharing all that I have learn. Once you get the knock of it, its smooth sailing. Yes, you can strategize and make plans however there isn’t any blueprint that you could replicate to generate income.

Lack of Understanding About The Internet

The other reason why it takes time to earn money online is lack of knowledge about the internet. New bloggers often find out that there are so many things they need to know and how to find their way around.

There is a full chance of information overload. Absorbing a lot of content on the internet could be very difficult. So it could take months to determine what you have to read and what to ignore. It is best to be specific in your research or you may end up spending an entire day on the internet without achieving your objective.

Lack of SEO Techniques

I am sure you’re going to ask what is SEO? It means Search Engine Optimization. In easy term it’s the ability to give your articles excellent titles which will make sure that when someone is searching the internet for the subject matter you are writing about your website can be found in search engines like google and yahoo.

If you wish to generate income through blogging or affiliate marketing then you need to have an understanding of SEO techniques. SEO is a vast area and nobody can fully understand it, even an expert. But SEO is essential if you want some traffic coming on to your blog or site.

Technological Changes

Adjusting to technology changes could make it a bit tough. It could be one of many reasons why it takes time to earn money online. You need to become technology aware and understand about technology as quickly as possible. Learning about Internet browser, devices, apps and different software takes time.

Brand Building

Finally, it’s important to build a brand name for your blog online and building a brand takes lots of time. You have to be committed and take the time out to careful set yourself apart from your competitor. You have to market your brand so that visitors will be attracted to your site.

Be Patient

Developing a brand takes time so you need to be patient. So as you can see these are a couple of of the factors, including many other which you will discover as you go along, that slow down the process and makes it take time to earn money online.

You should be open to learning new things every day. This is certainly going to take time for you to put them into practice. All that being said, it isn’t tough and definitely not impossible for you to make a lot of money online.


If you have not started your blog as yet, it is now time for you to start. You just need lots of patience before money starts coming.

It is time to take charge of your career path and be the navigator of your future. Take stock and analyse the direction of your life and get back on course if you strayed.

I hope you like this article. Please read Start A Blog if you have decided to start your own blog.

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