10 Websites To Make Money Online

We all want to make some money in easy and legal way online in our spare time. In this article, I am going to provide you the list of 10 websites where you can make real money. If you’re angling to make money online but aren’t sure where to start, here are several of the best and most reputable websites to consider:


It is basically a professional online freelancing platform. You can sign up and create a profile that highlights the skills you have to offer. Clients post jobs on Upwork when they need help getting a job done. There are hundreds of jobs to choose from on Upwork. You just have to define the skills you’re good at and then you need to set your hourly rate.

You get complete freedom to work as a freelancer on Upwork. This is the best place to start as a freelancer as you will get great exposure to the world of freelancing.

The jobs on Upwork are listed in different categories including data entry, Customer Service, Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Design & Creative, Admin Support, IT & Networking, Writing, Sales & Marketing, Translation and many more.

It’s really a great way to get started right away with making money online. The payment procedure on Upwork is also straightforward and secure.


The second website in the list is Skillshare. It is a website to teach and learn skills. It is basically an online learning website where people come to learn different skills online. Anyone can start online teaching career with Skillshare and earn good amount of money.

People sign up for membership on Skillshare and then they can watch more than 24,000 classes on various topics like design illustration, business, technology, photo, film and entrepreneurship. You just need to create videos on specific topics and help others to learn a specific skill.

Skillshare has this giant amount of minutes watched and all the people that signed up for memberships and then as teachers you split a giant pool of cash based on how many minutes are watched on your classes. So the better the classes the more minutes watch that you have by students the more money you make.


The next website name is Udemy. It is one of the leading global marketplace for learning and instruction. It is a lot like Skillshare in the sense that students come here to learn things online and take online classes and on Udemy they actually pay per course.

Each course has its own individual price on it and currently they are running sale for new students. They run these sales all throughout the month in order to put a sense of urgency on the student to buy. So as an instructor that’s good for you because you can end up making more sales that way and obviously there’s all the different categories just like Skillshare.

People are earning good amount of money on Udemy just by creating courses for students. If you are good at anything than you can you also start as a teacher on Udemy.


The fourth website in the list is called Flippa. This is a place where you can buy and sell websites and specifically these are websites that are actually online businesses. You can buy a website which is already making money online. You can buy a website and you can keep the website or hold it because it is already making money or you can add to it and make it better and build it up and make more money.

If you don’t want to spend a lot in buying a website than you can select the starter site option and check out the different domain names. You will also get to see the net profit a website is making on a monthly basis.

If you are good with digital marketing than you can buy some of these websites and make good money online. The foundation is laid for you and you can better it to earn more money with the website.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing:

The next website is known as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. This website is great for writers.  You can write ebooks and then you can sell them through Amazon. Just need to create ebooks and upload them to Amazon and then Amazon will host them and also promote them for you. You can also promote your own book on social media accounts like Instagram or YouTube etc. This will help you to boost sales.

Amazon does end up taking 30%  and you can earn up to 70%  royalty on all sales. 30% is taken by Amazon because it will host your ebook on Amazon and it also put them in the recommended reading lists.

We all like to work smarter and not harder. If you spend a little than you can outsource this stuff to have it professionally written. Yes, you’re spending a little bit of money to do so but you’re also upping your chances of your book being very professional and getting much better ratings which will end up getting you much better sales. You can actually do this through upwork.com the very first website that I mentioned.

Amazon Handmade:

Let’s jump to the next website in our list. It is known as Amazon handmade. It is a store within the Amazon marketplace. This website is for Artisans to sell their one-of-a-kind, handcrafted goods. It is all about arts and crafts and selling them online. If you’re good with arts and crafts and making all these crafty products then this is the site for you. You just need to create your profile and upload your products. Amazon will promote your products online and this way you can make good money selling your handcrafted products on Amazon handmade.

To be accepted as a seller on Amazon Handmade, all your products must meet their definition of what “handmade” is, which is as follows:

All products available in your Amazon Handmade store must be handmade, i.e. created, altered or assembled entirely by hand (not from a kit). Products must be handmade by you (the artisan), by one of your employees (if your company has 20 or fewer employees), or a member of your business (if your business has less than 100 people). Sellers are unable to offer mass-produced products or products handmade by different artisans in the Amazon Handmade store”.


Textbroker is for writers.  On Textbroker you can write content for people and get paid for it.  It is similar to Upwork which I listed in the beginning of this article, but this is specifically around writing.  You need to first register, submit your sample work and create an account.

Once the account is set up than you can write and start earning. The earnings depends on your writing skills. If you are a 5 star writer you can make up to five cents per word which doesn’t sound like a lot but you can make upto $100 in a day just by writing 2,000 words.


This is the website for affiliate marketers.  You can find a bunch of affiliate products to sell online. If you’ve got a social media account, Youtube channel, a website or a blog website and you are able to promote online than you can find all sorts of affiliate products on this website. You can go under the affiliate marketplace and then find the niche you are passionate about or which you can promote easily. Promoting the products online is really not as hard as it sounds. Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

A huge number of affiliate marketers are making good amount of money online. In my opinion, if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer than you should create your own website. This way you can promote and easily sell products online.

Google Adsense:

The second last website in my list is Google Adsense. It provides a way to websites owners to make money from their online content. It is great because if you do have a website or blog which is a glorified website than you can make money by putting ads on that website.  Even if you have a YouTube channel you can also hook up Google Adsense to your YouTube channel. You can do it all through YouTube and you can actually make money for the videos that you’re posting so whenever people watch them there will be ads in the beginning and then you get paid for it.

Growing a YouTube channel as long as you’re staying consistent with it and you’re putting out valuable content that people really want to watch than you can make big money with it. There is one other caveat though you need to have at least a 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 hours of watch time in the last year in order to qualify to run Adsense on your YouTube channel.

Let’s say that you are not a video person, you’re more of a website person than you can create your website and you can put ads on your website. The more visitors you get to your website the more money you can make with Google Adsense.

You can also read another post “Google Adsense – The Finest Way To Make Money Online“. I have shared some important tips to make money online through Google Adsense.

Amazon Associates:

Last but not the least, I have “Amazon Associates” in the list. It is the best way to monetize your website or blog. It is free for website owners and bloggers to become an Amazon Associates. First you need to sign up and you get instant approval. You need to place Amazon affiliate links on your website and when someone makes an Amazon purchase via one of your links, you get the commission. You can make anywhere from $0 to $25000 per month. The higher the price of the product, the more commission you get on the product sale.  If you are good with any sort of outreach online or even if you’re not good with it you can learn it. Just start a YouTube channel, Instagram or start your website and you can start building that out and make passive money online. Honestly, these are not overnight things, these are things that you build over the course of a year or so but down the road you end up making so much money passively from it, so while you’re sleeping you are generating income.

All the websites mentioned in this article provide great opportunities for anyone to earn some extra money online. At the end of day, the final result depends on your effort. The more effort you put and time you give, the higher will be your earnings.

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